Submissions to Face and Gesture 2013 should have no substantial overlap with any other paper already submitted or published, or to be submitted during the FG 2013 review period. All authors of a paper should be aware of the paper being submitted to FG 2013. Papers presented at FG 2013 will appear in the IEEE Xplore digital library. The best FG 2013 papers will be selected for a special issue of Image and Vision Computing. Submission details will be available on the conference website.

All persons who have made any substantial contribution to the work should be listed as authors, and all listed authors should have made some substantial contribution to the work. If a paper is accepted, it is assumed that an author will register and attend the conference to present the paper. (Papers that are not presented will not go into IEEE Xplore.)

The reviewing process for Face and Gesture 2013 will be "double blind", and so the submitted version of the paper should be appropriately anonymized to not reveal the authors or authors' institutions. Instructions for anonymizing your paper can be found here.

The submission deadline for regular papers has passed. Please consider submitting to one of the FG 13 workshops.

The submissions process will be handled though a CMT page available here. Submissions may be in doc, docx, or pdf format, and are limited to a 10MB file size. In place of entering your paper's abstract on the CMT Abstract box, you are asked to provide a 50-word (maximum) statement as to why you consider your work to advance the state-of-art in automated face and gesture recognition.

Supplementary material (images, video, etc.) may optionally be submitted with papers, but be sure to maintain anonymity, including the file properties or other hidden text. The supplemental material has a file size limit of 10MB. The supplemental materials will not be part of the conference proceedings, so they are only there to aid the reviewing process. Reviewers are not required to view the supplemental material (though most reviewers are likely to do so), so any information critical to understanding the work should be in the main paper.

FG 2013 will be using the IEEE PDF eXpress for enforcing the requirements for papers to appear in IEEE Xplore. The final versions of all papers accepted for publication must adhere to the IEEE Xplore PDF specifications.

Summary of steps for submission of papers for review:

• Prepare your manuscripts as per the IEEE specification. The Word template can be downloaded from here and the LaTeX package can be downloaded from here. General info and the templates can also be found on the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings page.
• Carefully proofread your submission.
• Submissions may be up to eight pages in conference paper format. Papers longer than six pages will be subject to a page fee for the extra pages (two max).
• Register at the FG 2013 CMT website. Upload the title, abstract, author information and keywords in CMT by September 21, 2012 (11:59pm, Pacific Time). Upload the full paper and any supplemental material by 24 September (11:59pm, Pacific Time). The pdf file size should not exceed 5 MB.