FG 2013 Awards

• FG Test of Time Award:

The FG Test of Time Award is to be given at each FG conference to recognize an outstanding and influential paper that appeared at the FG conference in the past 15-20 years. The award first was given at the 10th FG conference, FG 2013 in Shanghai, China.

William Freeman and Michal Roth, "Orientation histograms for hand gesture recognition", FG 95.

Click here for watching a video from William Freeman.

• FG2013 Best Paper Award:

Stefan Scherer (USC), Giota Stratou (USC), Jonathan Gratch (USC), Jill Boberg (USC), Marwa Mahmoud, Cambridge University Albert (Skip) Rizzo (USC), and Louis-Philippe Morency (USC),
"Automatic Behavior Descriptors for Psychological Disorder Analysis".

• FG2013 Best Student Paper Award:

Daniel McDuff (MIT), Rana El Kaliouby (MIT), David Demirdjian (MIT), and Rosalind Picard (MIT),
"Predicting Online Media Effectiveness Based on Smile Responses Gathered Over the Internet".

• FG2013 Best Student Paper Honorable Mention Award:

Liangyue Li (Northeastern Univ.), Sheng Li (Northeastern Univ.), and Yun Fu (Northeastern Univ.), "Discriminative Dictionary Learning with Low-Rank Regularization for Face Recognition".

Li Zhang (National Univ. of Singapore), Hossein Najati (National Univ. of Singapore), Kengteck Ma (National Univ. of Singapore), and Terence Sim (National Univ. of Singapore), "A Talking Profile to Distinguish Identical Twins".

Junjie Yan (CASIA), Xucong Zhang (NLPR & CBSR), Zhen Lei, Stan Z. Li (CASIA), Dong Yi (CASIA), "Structural Models for Face Detection".

Zhongkai Han, Syed Zain Masood, Jason Hochreiter, Spencer Fonte, and Marshall Tappen (UCF), "Album-Oriented Face Recognition For Online Social Networks".

Martijn Liem (Univ. of Amsterdam) and Dariu Gavrila (Univ. of Amsterdam), "Person Appearance Modeling and Orientation Estimation using Spherical Harmonics".

Neslihan Kose (EURECOM) and Jean-Luc Dugelay (EURECOM), "Countermeasure for the Protection of Face Recognition Systems Against Mask Attacks".

Karan Sikka (UCSD), Abhinav Dhall (Australian National Univ.), and Marian Bartlett (UCSD), "Weakly Supervised Pain Localization using Multiple Instance Learning".

• FG2013 Reviewer Awards:

  - Outstanding Reviewer Award:
        - Roland Goecke

  - Recognition for Excellence in Reviewing:
        - Lei Zhang
        - Ognjen Rudovic
        - Jean-Marc Odobez
        - Carlos Busso
        - Tomas Simon Kreuz
        - Georgios Evangelopoulos
        - Jim Little