FG2013 Demo & Exhibit Program

Date/Time: April 23-25, 8:30am—19:00pm

Demo Program

1. “Sign language recognition and translation with Kinect,” Xiujuan Chai et al, ICT/CAS, China
2. “Live 3D facial scanning and landmark detection, ” Federico M. Sukno (Dublin City University), John L. Waddington (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) and Paul F. Whelan (Dublin City University), Ireland
3. “Real-time face analysis using random forest,” Matthias Dantone, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
4. “CSIRO Face Analysis SDK,” Simon Lucey, CSIRO, Australia

Exhibit Program

1. “3dMD High Precision Surface Imaging and Software,” Kelly Ducan, 3dMD, USA

The submission deadline for demo/exhibit proposals has passed